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Motiva provides architects the tools to craft their very own
bespoke pieces that enrich any interior setting.

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Motiva brings a thought-provoking element to visual art.

Each Motiva piece is handcrafted with top-quality finishings and built with state-of-the art technology that allows the artwork to come to life with a heart and soul of its own.

Dana Oberson


Why choose Motiva?

When it comes to choosing the right art piece for any interior space, it is important to select a product that is a reflection of your client’s personal expression, character and overall aesthetic.

As an architect, Motiva allows you to create a bespoke art piece that is an extension of your client's personal identity, and generates a powerful feeling in any space.

Use your creative vision to awe your clients and create a bespoke Motiva that combines compelling artwork with meaningful quotes and never worry about finding the right art piece again.

Work together with our experts to create the bespoke Motiva you have in mind.

Choose your quotes

Conceptualize a design

See your vision come to life

Consultation and Concept Development

Consult and collaborate with a Motiva account executive during the entire process–from ideation to completion. Plus ensure your bespoke Motiva is exactly to your liking with a digital rendering.

Exclusive Pricing and Promotions

Architects have access to special pricing and promotions on both bespoke Motivas and existing Motivas from our gallery.

Online Publicity

Each bespoke Motiva you create will be visible on our website alongside other creators and promoted across all social media channels.

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Consult with our Motiva experts to explore all your ideas and pricing options.

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